Ancient stories and new projects

”What’s the biggest present you’ve ever been given?
Sometimes, to realise how big a present is, we have to go right back to the beginning….”
Recently, Tom Dumbell – who is the Children’s Worker of the Parish – has been into the Kings Cross Academy to tell Bible Stories to Year One pupils.
The teachers of Year One very kindly invited Tom into the classroom to teach the Creation Story from Genesis, as the children have been learning about creation, nature and conservation. Using props, Tom spoke to the children about God our Creator, and how God created this beautiful world as the biggest gift he could give to us. The children listened beautifully, and were full of questions and ideas about exactly how God may have created the world and what he was doing before he started!

The biggest present that God ever gave us of course, is the gift of his very self in his Son Jesus. Please pray for our community as we try and joyfully live our Gospel calling to share this gift with others.


One thought on “Ancient stories and new projects

  1. What a great way to start a great idea, your blog, from the beginning
    Looking forward to following this exciting work of creative, confident and compassionate work in Kings Cross Central


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